About Sean

Hello there ... so I guess this is where I'm supposed to talk about myself 😬

I grew up in Canada in a non-musical family with four very non-musical older brothers. We played hockey like good Canadians do :)

I found out life wasn't all about hockey when I was 12 and discovered my parents' Beatles records. It wasn't long after that I decided to hang up the skates and pick up the guitar. After all, if I wanted to be like the Beatles I couldn't do both. I was always pretty focused on my goals which I realized later was an important quality for learning an instrument.

Throughout my teen years I was able to sharpen my skills by performing every week at church. After highschool, instead of moving to Nashville (like I originally wanted to do), I joined a youth organization in East Texas. Little did I know this is where I would refine my skills as a guitarist by performing with Gospel artists Paul Baloche and Katy Hudson (who now goes by Katy Perry - yes, the Katy Perry). 

If there's one thing I learned during that time it's that great things can happen when preparedness meets opportunity. I was dedicated and committed to reaching my guitar and musical goals. You can't always create opportunities but you CAN be ready and prepared when an opportunity presents itself.

I moved back home and married my highschool sweetheart. We recorded a few albums together, performed quite a few shows (in Canada, U.S., England), won some awards along the way, oh- and had a couple awesome kids :)

In 2013, I started a guitar school that eventually morphed into a full-scale music school in North Bay, Canada (North Bay School of Music). It was an easy transition turning my attention to teaching and specifically a method of teaching that worked for me when I was younger. After the continued growth of that school, I partnered with a friend of mine to start another school in Sudbury, Canada (Sudbury Music Academy).

So, with two successful music schools why did I go online? Well, private lessons are still a great option for many people. However, it became pretty clear over the years that there was a growing number of people who (for various reasons) needed a more flexible option that was both affordable and effective. Hence, Guitar Coaching Online.

I still enjoy hockey (well, really any sport) but it doesn't compare to getting to teach my method of guitar instruction to both young and old alike. I'm convinced that if this Canadian from a non-musical family can learn guitar, then so can you. Go for it!